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BarDIMM 7.0 User Manuals
file BarDIMM Pro JM30100X_20160413.pdf
Installing the BarDIMM Pro USB stick on HP printers released after Jan 1st, 2015
Updated version BarDIMM Pro JM30100X_20160413.pdf
15 Apr, 2016 File size: 32 kb
file BarDIMM Box Getting Started Guide_20161103.pdf
BarDIMM BOX Getting Started Guide
Quick guide to install BarDIMM Box

Updated file : 20161103.pdf
11 Mar, 2016 File size: 417 kb
file BarDIMM PRO_v7_ed.9_20160426.pdf
BarDIMM Pro 7.x and BarDIMM Box manual
BarDIMM 7.1 Installation & Configuration Guide, edition 8

BarDIMM Installation & Configuration Guide v7.1 for BarDIMM Pro and the BarDIMM Box
You also may refer to this manual when using BarDIMM v5 and v6.

Update version : Manual Edition 9, April 2016
BarDIMM PRO_v7_ed.9_20160426.pdf
26 Apr, 2016 File size: 982 kb